Save For Love lyrics

Gary Clark Jr.

[Verse 1]
Light that pipe
Make it burn red
Make it hiss like the storm that's at your window

Fill up those lungs honey
It won't be long before the moments gone and you're dealing with your sorrow

Take what you can get
Count all of your blessings
'cause that hurricane ahead might be never ending, and-

Raining hell
All in all, no one's gonna sleep through this one
There ain't no shelter, ain't no walls
That's gonna hold it all together save for love
Ooh, mmm, ooh

[Verse 2]
Mend those busted bridges
Hold yourself accountable
Give that soul deep within you a voice like a parable
And make room for the hateful
Seat 'em at your table
Give 'em bread for their broken hearts a
And kindness if you're able

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