Voice of The Trenches lyrics


(Verse 1)
I’m straight out the north side
Where the bangers be banging
An the choppers be ranging
These n***as that hate come around cause I’m famous
I did what I did an remainded the same
I shed a tear for a bar about pain
1 year in this sh*t an I’m changing the game
I know what I did when I ain’t have a name
I was all on my grind staying in my lane (yeah)

Pop out the rolls with ah whole lotta cash
Remember back then when I had it bad
7 years I dreamed of being ah star
Now I got monеy an the foreign cars
I chased my drеams an I made it real far
Remember they doubted
Now I finally sprouted
I came out the gutter
Did this for my mother
Stayed down in the trenches with my mud brothers

Pop out
n***a talk that sh*t we gone rock out
I got n***as that totting them Glocks now
Come around the block b*t*h you get knocked down
I remember I was serving the feens
Riding with dropouts b*t*h they some teens
Put on for my city do this for the team
KT got a Glock he shooting the seen
You run up on me an he letting it sing

No mercy if we catch you lacking
Slide on ah n***a shot his ass in traffic
Made em disappear Look like I did magic
He wanted smoke so we brung him the havoc
You spoke on my crew an that sh*t ending tragic
Now I’m in the hole I can’t speak on what happens
My diamonds they dancing this sh*t is immaculate
If you flexing yo sh*t on my life b*t*h I’m jacking it

Rules to this game
It’s levels to having fame

(Verse 2)
2021 b*t*h I’m going crazy
These people keep saying I flow like lil baby
This b*t*h is so bad I might give here a baby
That’s doing to much so I f**k with a rubber
You was undercover
Thought you was my brother
Now you really switched
Should’ve knew you was foo
I remember we jugged ah n***a for some shoes
Now you acting different my n***a it’s cool

I’m playing the hand I was dealt
I been through some much uon know how I felt
Whole lot of meanings when I’m writing lines
I see through that sh*t I can tell you despise
I got these scars an they never gone heal
When I’m feeling the pain n***a I pop a pill
It’s kill or be killed tryin get out the field
I’m making this music now I got a mill

b*t*h I’m a glitch in the code
I was born a soldier an I never will fold
You got locked up an I remember you told
Now it’s strictly smoke when I you hoes
Ima stand on my word
Hop in the coupe I swear hit the gas then swerve
Popping my sh*t I got rich off of verbs
Smoking exotic inhaling these herbs
sh*tting on b*t*hes with all of these words

(JayBabyy verse 1)
I’m straight out the south side we known for killin killers first
I stay getting paid for killing a verse
Try to run up on me put yo ass ina dirt
Leave yo family hurt with yo face ona shirt

I was up ina hood tryna fill up my pockets
Now I got so much money ion need no wallet
Glock in my pants and it blow like a rocket
Fresh young n***a i drip like a faucet

Some people love to change over a lil bit of change
Gotta spice up the songs ion really like sh*t to plain
Ever take one of my people u gone feel my same
b*t*hes said I wasn’t sh*t so I just keep em out my lane

(JayBabyy verse 2)
Straight outta Memphis I grit and grind
When I see a hater I’m deaf and blind
They always gone hate when a young n***a shine

Got ice on my wrist but I can’t tell the time
Can’t get with no thots ion care if they fine
Internet beefin real funny like vines
Beefin wit bums a big waist of time

I’m like the summer I’m packing the heat
He called us sweet but guess who got beat
I can pay yo bills with the heat on my feet
Expensive n***a ion like sh*t cheap

I can fall off right now I’m still a great
I feel like a tourists im in yo state
Skinny pockets had gained a lil weight
Ima be a legend when I reach them gates

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