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"Website Scam"


Go hire a hundred swipers so I can build me an empire
Hit 200 up the freeway in the Scat, I had to change tires
The Walmart system different, so I had to go inside Meijers
Scratch the numbers off a real credit card with car pliers
Broke n*gga on the side of the road tryna panhandle
They thought I opened up a website, but it's just all a scandal
'Cause soon as you click the link, I get your information
He ordered a t-shirt three years ago and he still waiting
Got scammed by a Telegram admin and I'm still waiting
I'm up at 5 in the morning and I'm still facing
Ran off on Tom Brady from the New England Patriots
Opps book me for a show, I shot up the whole stadium
Ooh, I caught a ham and this n*gga is Arabian
Just scammed my own fans, man, that sh*t is not cool
Bought a t-shirt off my website, n*gga, you're a fool
Fire ass profile and it came with the fullz
Burned-out computer, I just bought a new Toshiba
Testing my piece at the store and I bought a box of Tequila
Got some iPhones through a dumb b*tch and her name Tanisha
n*ggas broke as hell, can't even buy they own pizza
On the run for bank fraud, tryna hide from paparazzi
Hitler should've been my pops, I hate n*ggas like a Nazi
Scammed the wrong n*gga, ran into him and he shot me
Wave my strap all in the cameraman face and he shot me
Tried to use a fake ID up at the club, they said "That's not you"
Wiped the n*gga nose, then I handed him some tissue
We can go BIN for BIN if it's beneficial
Carjacked an old lady, then I whipped her with my pistol
Carjacked a muscular n*gga, had to beat him with a shotgun
Went to the club, seen some n*ggas throwing quarters and pennies, not ones
On my computer looking up some new BINs, that's what I call fun
Drag your body to the bathroom, then throw a toaster in the bathtub
Had a bad night, I tried to drown myself inside the bathtub
My whole life free, I ain't even pay for my back rub
Tried to give a couple n*ggas some free sauce and got backstabbed
Yesterday I made seventy-eight hundred off my Arab

All my fans, I really wouldn't even scam you
I was just playing about that

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