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Olive Dakota

"Concert Log"

Mac Miller (Indianapolis, IN, 1 Dec 2016)
WIUX  Culture Shock 2017 (Bloomington, IN, 15 Apr 2017)
AJR  w/ Ocean Park Standoff & Hundred Handed (Indianapolis, IN, 7 Apr 2018)
Panic! at the Disco w/ Hayley Kiyoko & A R I Z O N A (Indianapolis, IN, 13 July 2018)
Meach Pango w/ Forever Starts Today, Ting Tang Tina, The Royals, & The City (Fort Worth, TX, 23 Aug 2019)

Future  Events:

Ashxs w/ Meach Pango, Elijah Heaps, SpaceMan Zack, T-Ryde, Solar Slim, Tony Lxve, GR4NT, & Lardi B (Fort Worth, TX, 6 Sep 2019)
Meach  Pango w/ Henry the Archer & Holy Roller Baby (Fort Worth, TX, 7 Sep 2019)
Good Morning (Dallas, TX, 31 Oct 2019)
Good  Morning (Austin, TX, 1 Nov 2019)

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