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Olive Dakota


All my n*ggas on the Eastside
Late night, cop some trees in the meantime
Get to facin' heaven, me time

[Verse 1]
[?], make commotion with ya
Did a couple backflips, hundred mil in the mattress
[?] actress, every night's a motion picture
In the action, matchin' and matchin'
Ashin' and rappin', did a tab of acid
Now I'm ad-lib, did a ton of ad-libs
Made it happen, 06 and 08
You're a buncha has-beens, I'm a whole headache
You're a half an Aspirin, I'm a tank of methane
All my n*ggas gasp, they be gaspin' from chest pain
Young Spanish n*gga writin' essays on eses
Tell my left brain they could be X-rays, X-rays
Missy, missy, yes today's the day

Takin' trips out my mind
I raise the stakes
Might erase yo lifeline
I pave the way
Whole team, no sideline
Get paid today
All the cream on my mind
All the cream on my mind

[Verse 2]
I could do it if Hov did
We come from the same town, we rockin' the same fitted
[?] the same soul, we raised in the same ceilin'
[?] all alone, I-98 chillin'
A to the boogie, this is my sh*t
Mosh pit, they got all these ostrich
All this altie party, awesome nollie
All this Molly, feel like Ollie
Days [?], dizzy more like Disney
Paste the paper, make a family business
Still copped the major just to show the children
I'm the [?], when the every scene is Penelope
I been cruisin' through the scene, truthfully
I been hoopin' like Kareem, ruthlessly
Lose the dream, I been Bruce Lee with the beam
Coogie just like the king, oopsie

Oopsie-daisy now
Doozy, do he take the crown
Ah, I kill the sh*t when I feel this sh*t
Tryna be on my tour ish like I'm a venable militant
General make a million b*tch
Just to feed yo children in Centrefort while f*ckin' in Centrefort

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