Somewhere in the Middle

Emily Vu

[Verse 1]
Went ahead and took the long way home
I've been feeling like I'm worlds away
Wish I was here right now
Wish I could come back down
Yeah, it's gonna be a long drive home
Cause I've been thinking bout the golden days
Didn't give a f**k
When I never took the long way home

All that I know, know, know is that I'm not feeling like myself
I'm someone else
Don't think I should go back home
Think I'll just stay on the five through the night
Somewhere in the middle
Of holding on and falling out
Maybe I'm just scared to take the fall
Wish that I could let go
Of who I think I'm supposed to be
Cause [?] I don't feel like me

[Verse 2]
Went ahead and took the long way home
Cause I got everything I'd ever want
But it's not enough
Yeah, it doesn't seem to fill me up
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