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"Bohan Phoenix - NO HOOK (English Translation)"

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[Verse 1: Bohan Phoenix]
Come to Chengdu and I will earn your money
I'm with the Higher Brothers
Little by little, little by little, little by little
They speak a little bit of English
Don't worry if you don't understand
Just give me money and I will translate for you
This is that worldwide, that lovelove
That Bohan, MaSiWei, DZ, Psy.P
One thousand dollars, two thousand dollars, three thousand dollars
What I buy and what I wear is really strange
Why you looking at me like I’m strange
I feel like they don’t get me at all
I’m really out here to do this
I kill it, I have fun, I do it for me
My homies they out here in Sichuan, it's hot so they stay with the heat
Listen to his story if you want to stay him perform
You shouldn’t stare at WeChat taking photos
I know this foreign, and if you f*ck wit it, you keep it true
But if you don’t, we come in peace, love, we hope that you keep it you

[Verse 2: DZ]
I’m in Hong Kong’s Disneyland, talking business once again
Bought a bunch of Tiffany, I’m just me and you’re you
Fans in the front row going crazy, youth think we’re the coolest
Shot a video and getting likes, I’m running out of space on my phone
Memories of the Silk Road in my head, used to give myself a push
No shortcuts, only the crazy path, pus*y mama teach me how to be civilized
Foreigners with different skin tones think we’re dope
Watching the controversy in the comments, posting two hard faces to look cute

[Verse 3: MaSiWei]
I keep doing my thing, likes increase by ten thousand
Other Asians laugh at my accent but it gives me personality and makes you notice me
Unidentified flying objects, defying physics, ooh
Music is the best story, foreshadowing pierces you like a bullet
Going all out when we record, Chinese rap joins the worldwide scene
Get higher my brothers, travel the world
We can take or leave your fake comments
I’m high talent and lowkey, all tickets are already purchased for the tour
Every second I’m on the stage, you can praise me or laugh at me, whatever

[Verse 4: Psy.P]
Never thought Bohan would know Chengdu better than me, from the Capital to Taiguili
Girl hop on the wagon while you can, believe me, I really care about you
CDC higher, they’re fierce like a tiger
Been in Chengdu my whole life, flossing around in my Cadillac
Moves mean like a beast, Chinese people gotta know Chinese kung fu
They don’t get the struggle, they can only try to recreate our miracle
Yellow skin because it’s coated in gold, how do you count so many abilities?
Hater jealous because we famous, I treat them with no mercy

[Verse 5: Melo]
Let’s make money, created a major hit this year, icy and ruthless
Higher Brothers have traveled so far, people shocked at our talent
Like on top of Mount Qingcheng, down is impending disaster
Up is the summit and the clouds, we’re on the clouds looking out
Look up and you’ll see the moon will be there for a millennia
Looking down, I feel like everything around is as small as an ant
Let me do it and do it big
Unparalleled execution
Incomparable confidence
And nobody f*ck with me

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