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Genius English Translations

"Tage wie diese - English Translation"

[Verse 1]
I have been waiting since weeks for this day
And dance with joy over the asphalt
As if it were a rhythm, as if there were a song
That keeps drawing me through the streets
Come to meet you, to pick you, as arranged
At the same time, at the same meeting place as last time

Through the hustle, the crowd
Let us travel the well-known way
Along the streets to the Rheinterrassen
Over the bridges, all the way to the music
Where everything is loud, where everyone is on it
To spin
Where the others wait, to start with us
And leave

On days like these
You want eternity
On days like these
Do we have eternal time?
I want eternity

[Verse 2]
This is eternal, eternal for today
We don't stand still for a whole night
Come, I carry you through the people
Do not be afraid, I'll take care of you
We let ourselves drift, submerge
Swimming with the stream
Turning our circles, do not come lower
Are weightless
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