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"​iKON - LONG TIME SEE (English Translation)"

There’s no one else like you
I have nothing but there’s nothing more to add
My world keeps stopping whenever you’re not here
There isn’t a single flower around me
Long time no see
Without your gestures and your eyes, what am I?
You were my center but after you were locked up in my memories
I kept trying to stand next to you again
My heart keeps fluttering at the thought of seeing you again
Your name is on my lips, all day, I’m talking about you
I don’t want nobody else
I ran through time baby, hold on just a bit more

You waited for me on the other side of the memories
Now I’m standing right in front of you ooh yeah

Long time no see
How have you been?
You waited for so long
I won’t go anywhere now, baby don’t worry

Long time no see
I longed for you a lot too
I got lost on the way to see you
I won't go anywhere, baby don’t worry
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