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"BTS - (Hidden Track) Skit: On The Start Line (English Translation)"


In many ways, this term defines my existence
But at the same time it is a term that I can never truly explain
A period of time, a state of transition
Where I could neither belong anywhere
Nor do anything

The biggest concerns I had living as a trainee
Were the questions of friends and family
"When are you going to come out?"
"When are you going to debut?"
Questions like these
I couldn’t give them an answer
Because I didn’t know either
Because such answers were unknowable

Though I came here through a certain confidence
And belief in myself
What awaited me was a different kind of reality:
Even now, after three years have passed
Even as I occasionally gain the self-certainty to think things like
“once I debut, I will conquer the music industry”
Whenever I hear the criticisms of the producers and teachers
I am again overwhelmed by the realization that I am nothing
That I am as inconsequential as a speck of dust
It’s as if though before me lies the bluest ocean
And if I turn to look back
A vast desert awaits me

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