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"BTS - BTS Cypher Pt.1 (English Translation)"

[Verse 1: RM]
Damn the hip-hop pride, idol rapper? Cut that bullsh*t
He’s essentially an idol sh*t anyway – they look down on me
They give their principles to the dogs and laugh at my name
You only know how to go with the tide
And look down on others, how you kill me?
So I bring the monster back
My monster swag
So this is the monster track
Cuz of my freakin' monster rap
The modern day Hong Kil Dong’s
They see good things but can’t call it good
Third-generation leader, so I’mma lead ya
This is a generation change – I’m sayin'
Yeah I’m the top of the top of the top
Poppin em, rockin' em, stoppin' em, blockin' 'em
Like the Cassius’ lance – Imma don
Don’t turn the beat off becuz I’m not freakin' done
Don’t play around on top of the beat
Cuz every kick is my freaking zone
I was always generous
But now I’mma murder you rappers
Cut em up by order
Then I’mma murder you haters
Now look at me and tell me, who’s in your top 5?
Rap Monster, Randa, Leader, Rapmon, your dad
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