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"BTS - Intro: Skool Luv Affair (English Translation)"

[Verse 1: Suga]
First encounter, first text, first phone call
First date, first kiss In our own space

I want everything to be a first with you
I have an eating disorder, whatever I eat, I’m still hungry
For you. The word “addiction” can’t express all of this
Describing a girl like you is impossible
It transcends the poetic
It’s because of you, like a capital letter
I want to place you first in my life
A good house, a good car, those things can’t be
Happiness but I want to give it to you

[Skit: J-hope, Suga]
Hold on, hold on, turn off the music for a second
Hyung, this isn’t it
What’s up with that last line ‘doo go bwa’
It’s actually ‘joo go pa’
Oh really? Well let me show you my style
Give me the music!
Yeah, that’s right, this is it!
Hyung, this kinda style!
Love should be hopeful!
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