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"El Guincho - Bombay (English Translation)"

I look at you from above, in case it all ends
I want you to remember me like I was the first times
There's something I can't manage to figure out, [why does he/she not walk?]
What is stopping me from seeing what's in front of me?

We're not kids anymore, we've learned from the things
Which have happened to us in different places
Don't leave for China, they don't have curtains there
Like the ones that hid us from the rest

You go around without an umbrella, walking through the shores
Of the island that gets mad when I don't come back
It's not all my fault, it's really different now
And if you don't see it, it's because you don't want to see it
Or it's because you can't see me

Something that shines for a day could happen again
You try to convince me, but I think it's a lie
It's been 200 days since the last time I came up with a line
And it seems like it's not going to change
Even if you're listening to me now

I only
Ask that you stay
Where you can reach
Anything you want

And instead you
Ask me to stay
Where you can keep watch over me
Until you're tired of looking

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