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"Konstantin Wecker - Sage Nein! (English Translation)"

When they blatantly
Sing Nazi songs again
Make jokes about jews
Laugh at human rights
When they then loudly
Indulge in their stupidity, boozing
For if the German is in power
The world has to recover
Then stand up and intervene:
Say no!

Then often some Mister Important
Puts history right again
Babbles about the lie of Auschwitz
You know it all, sadly
Be strong and intervene
Sock it to the dumb b*st*rd
Say no!

Whether you're homeless or a singer
A banker or a bummer
Whether you're a priest or a teacher
A housewife or a sweeper
Whether you're 6 or 100
Do not only be shocked, confused
Riot, rage, intervene:
Say no!
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