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"Gemitaiz & Madman - Veleno 7 (English Translation)"

Mixer T, cì

[Verse 1: Gemitaiz]
It’s the Gemitaiz, I ask “what do you want?” again
I change the start 'cause we arrived at the seventh one
With M, we are like that energy drink
If I had hair, I would have a girl combing them
If I roll this she harras me
Bro, then I’ll pee on the heads of those who contest us
These perfect girls are the reward
The mouth moves by itself and goes like a Tesla

Yeah, for real, it's Veleno 7

I still do sh*t that surprises you
I swear, I’m sorry for those who don’t understand
I’m cold temper but I leave these girls happy
Next, I crash to the ground, John Denver
I’m high, where the phone doesn’t work
You’re down, your studio looks like a call center
It’s useless if you cry, your album doesn’t sell
Not even if you gift a travel for the middle east with it
If I do rap its well-made, bro, I don’t give a f*ck
About this guy that talks about my shows without showing up
I’m a poacher, if I want, I can rap for a month, bro, and I rap them stretched
Your girl bends over but she’s not Japanese
Down with M, baby, I spit gems, I don’t steal anything
I always win, I have all the answers like the Google Center
We are two legends, I smoke like Snoop and drink like Bender
I come back in the blue car or with the bandages
Yes, someone here has criminal records
Of course, I don’t read those comments, bro
We are egocentric, at least listen to us
Otherwise get depressed and then genuflect to these two epic flows
It hits when you don’t expect it
Like some medicines or anesthetics
You can taste it a bit, but I think you’ll stop
Like when you get in the water with some weights in the pockets, you sound terrible
At parties I split heads open
To be or not to be, I’ve got a bomb that’s a Winchester
One hundred shots and it runs over you, don’t ask us anything
Watch us while we become beasts after a fish-based dinner
Uh, mamma mia, almost two hundred in a tunnel
I already have my paranoia, and she dances like a ballerina
Fresh like the Valtellina
I run faster, take the pennant

[Verse 2: MadMan]
The techniques you search for, you do scouting
I smoke and make the circles of the Audi
Drowning, Cali smoking with Davi
Wearing polo Navy since you were coloring those albums
Half Italy raps, traps, but they aren’t good
We leave them in the sh*t with their peers
Don’t try to recopy me, you only do damage
I’ll die and I’ll make money with my holograms

(Oh no, here we go again)
Top verses, bro, I’ve got too many
They’re yummy, Pernigotti
In the hat and in the coats, Mary Poppins
In the shopping cart with the biscuits, with the pizzoccheri
You see a peak of sharing, I become serious
I book a flight in two seconds, two thousand euros
Make the bill and then you forget, check the money
Think about dinero, do you remember how I used to live?

I rock just a little bit, then I run down with the loot
From the f*cking condominium, I eat you, I cook you alive
I don’t stop, I have the continuous flow, compact you know that I write
Evil vampire with the canine, I sharpen it
You see a little dot, you’re pointed
I kill you because I aim at you
Not too high or low, like at bust height
I don’t give a f*ck, I’m mad, Frank Castle, Billy Russo
So it's much better if you aim at me right

Watch how you behave, we are strong
I play the flow like arrangements, pianos
We score too many goals, like Totti
Igor Protti, deads, rigor mortis
Always be praised M for these rappers
Always be praised the green that we need
With Gem you know that we are arrows
Since when we only wanted to emerge
To now that we impose the rules

I’m with a girl who could cause tachycardia
Every morning I think about how exhausting my life is
I don't know how long will this success last, I've got a mania
I only rock too much, there isn’t a cure for this illness
M can afford not to care
My flow promises to you, Bro, it’s Viggo Mortensen
It’s Kevin Costner with a sawed-off shotgun
Try to f*ck with me, it seems an invitation to me
(Is this sh*t?)

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