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"GFRIEND - White (하얀마음) (English translation)"

When the clear sunlight shines on me
I feel your warmth
Precious promises, sometimes it might be hard
But I want to keep them forever

If we can feel each other
We just need a little courage

So we can laugh without being tainted like a child
I will always be your white light
Like a childhood fairy tale
Like an innocent dream I will embrace you

So I can always look at you like a shy girl
I’ll fill my white heart with pink love
When I softly kiss you on your sweet lips
Warm and white love will fall

My once cold heart will softly melt
Goodbye to the cold times
Anxious hearts, sometimes it might be hard
But I want to be your strength

If we can trust each other
I’m not afraid of anything
(woo yeah)
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