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[Verse 1]
Oo-oo-oo, boy you better stroke your di*k
Stroke  your di*k, live without a chick
Spend  money only on yourself
Not on a whore, only on yourself

Don't call, don't call b*tches
'Cause  she wants to scam you
For  your cash, run away from b*tch
Sooner the better, live alone like a boss

[Verse 2]
Oo-oo-oo  A-a-a-h...
You didn't get a job
Haven't found, degree didn't help
f*cking nothing, you are working for your uncle

Don't  f*cking lie, they aren't paying you sh*t
Not a ruble, only 30k
They'll scam your ass, you have enough for just cinema
And wine - you won't get any chicks
You'll get flipped off

I'm f*cking tired of b*tches
I will f*ck every single one of them, sl*ts
Don't want to f*ck? -I'll f*ck you up
And c*m
On your face


[Verse 3]
I'm tired of your father's sh*t
He's whining: "You f*cked my daughter
You popped her cherry, and don't want to mary"
f*ck right off, I don't need her

She's paying me
And you want me to cater to her sh*t
To rent a house, I want you to f*ck off
Get f*cked


Your mouth
Open wide
Is coming in


[Verse 4]
Oo-oo-oo, why am I so pretty, you look sh*tty, I fap to my own pics
I want to f*ck myself
Too good for any chick, drank so much I am sh*tfaced

I am driving Maserati
Safe is in the crip
Lots of cash in here
You have some diamonds on

Put everything in here
Blondes are dumb as sh*t
I want a brunette!


You think you're cool?
Outsmart me?
You are a dumbass

The f*ck you're saying?
What money?
f*ck off
You ain't no virgin


[Verse 5]
Tired of your Instagram, Telegram
The f*ck are you wearing?
You're crazy, you got a tank top
For 100k - it's too f*cking much, even for me

Tomorrow I'll drive to taiga to find myself a chick
Come with her to Moscow, clean her up
And I will live with her

[Instrumental outro]

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