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"WayV (威神V) - 秘语 (Love Talk) (English Translation)"

I can hear it callin'
Loving the way you wanna talk
Touch me tease me feel me up

Something in the way you wanna talk

Your secret is always quiet
Hiding charm
Waiting to be opened
No warning
Like two silent shooting stars

It's a miracle that strides across
The unimaginable distance between people
But you still seem to be hesitating
Afraid that it's too rushed

Whether it will hurt the heart
That you are protecting (Catch a flight)
But the subtle message that your body delivers, Yeah
Has already betrayed you inadvertently

Calling the ghost of desire, Ey
Borrowing some courage from the moonlight, Ey
The shadow that trembles around the lips
Seems to be full of curiosity but pretends to be calm
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