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"Yuyoyuppe - ALONE (English Translation)"

The gap between pleasure and emotional theory; Voice that looks in
I disappeared so I'm distracted, so time turns

I don't do demands and interference
There's no meaning of them coming here

Just one moment's trip; To my own world

Before the fallen order
I resisted it; I pushed it down
I blocked my ears so that I wouldn't hear anything

It separated, so there's no great meaning; to the outside world
Frozen time that I can't move by myself

Since I can't do anything, it doesn't move
If I'm different because of it, then I'm present here

Just one moment's trip; To an unchanging world

It's okay if it's connected
I don't change; it's that simple
You don't even know my feelings

I don't know...
I can't find any answers...
I don't know anything...

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