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"Yuyoyuppe - For a Dead Girl+ (English Translation)"

This is what I’ll say regarding the fact
That you were born into this world:
Are all that sacrifice and regret
Being drowned out by the sound of crying?
Such are the words spat out
Toward a heart
Growing ever farther away

There’s no form to it. There’s no answer to it
It’s none of my problem
It’s simply that these black drops are falling
Upon these fine silk threads
All the cynicism and tenderness
Forced upon that teary face
Simply fell off
And all that could be found here
Was a great sense of loss

This is what I’ll say
Regarding the world you’ve chosen:
How does that gloomy, hazy landscape before you
Appear to your eyes?
You want to return
But that’s the one thing you aren’t allowed

A contrived happiness
Oozing from the words that were said
A sense of bliss that made one feel like crying
Tears steeped in red
It is still more beautiful
When it is broken into pieces
We simply desired each other
But all that could be found there
Was a great sense of loss
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