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"Yuyoyuppe - 7/8 (English Translation)"

As if in obsession, I thought and thought
Of the answer hidden in the emotions coming across
But there’s no meaning to it
It’s no more than a waste of time

If I had tried to reach just a little farther
Would I have been able to touch your heart?
All I hear is the sound of regret

As if in obsession, I think and think
Of the ever-changing truth of humans
Having come this far, I still can’t help looking back
For your voice just makes me so sad

I wish I could have felt your presence
Just a little bit more, with my own hands
But that sensation had been cut short

Will I ever be able to find
That never-changing warmth
I forgot somewhere, once more?

If we must eventually fade into nothingness
Then I just wanted to be by your side, if only a little
But that wish is simply going to vanish without a trace
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