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Genius English Translations

"Anuv Jain - Riha (English Translation)"

[Verse 1]
The marks on sand
Drawn with your feet
You have made the same
On my heart
The words of people
Which are like waves
Would smudge those marks
For how long?
"Free yourself
Free yourself"
I don't want to
I cannot ever be

[Verse 2]
In the pictures
There were smiles
Why aren't they on my face now
They ask
These strangers (other people)
Don't understand a thing
In the pictures
You were there too
Your sugar-like memories
Are kept well with me
In them, you're mine
You're like light
Your glow is otherwordly
Like this, you're my world
Come to me, my love
Come in my sleep (dream), oh
Under my closed eyes
You're with me every moment

You're not here
And yet you are
You're not here
Who am I?
You're like some bird
Flying away
Without you
Tell me who I am

[Verse 3]
In my dreams
I can see a garden of roses
This is our home
At night
From the stars
Break free, my love
And come back to me
Stay here, my love
Stay here, my love
Until we meet again
Among the stars someday

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