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"ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION - Neoteny (English Translation)"

To a long awaited Saturday
Lead the numbers on a daily calendar
A lightly pulsating harmony

A thrift store, US Army
In the stitching of the inner buttons
The slightest of ironies take root

Sunlight flickering through the leaves
A bustling tree lined street
A lightly pulsating harmony
A jet engine roaring loudly across a fascinatingly beautiful sky
The slightest of ironies take root

Is that really necessary?

Time may pass but don't you forget
The scenery that shimmers along the river

Neoteny in the waters collecting wishes that remain unheard
Praying continuously in their shells
A wind that caresses the water surface
Like the ripples that spread
A sound that gently echoes in your soul

My search continues today

Is that really necessary?

Neoteny in the waters collecting unfulfilled wishes
Until the day comes when they cast off their shells and fly away
Thin transparent wings
Insects of the night, carriers of wishes
A sound that gently envelops
My heart on the verge of disappearing in your soul

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