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Genius English Translations

"ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION - A Town in Blue (English Translation)"

Dreams touch upon my pillow as I lie yet to awaken
Smell of morning
The city arises
Weather forecast on the screen

Praying in everyday
The world Dutch rolls
Our encounter, everything about you is my magic of love
A city colored in the lead grey
The murky blue of rats
A blurry, dull heartbeat
Just a touch of unstained white still left in my heart

I run, trying to satiate my unfulfilled heart
The scenery disappears with the first step
From up above the sky
Catching up from behind
Your face appears on the whimsical clouds

Sick of it all I gave everything up
It all turned to black and crumbled away
I blotted everything away out of lonesomeness
Gripped by fear, I fell away into darkness

An excursion into another dimension
A blue and deep night
Let's change the world
What do you see over there?

From our opened eyes
We'll collect all the spurts forth
Let's float in our pool of tears
Take the plunge and just jump without a run-up
The velocity of the push off
Will take us anywhere

Even into the light
Even into the dark, surely

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