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"ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION - A New World (English Translation)"

It's Rock ’n' Roll if you scream out loud right?
Enough of that kind of sh*t
Who cares about definitions?
Just wanna repaint the scenery

Play the A chord on a night with nothing to do
Shred away on a triangle
Change the world with some imagination
And the split second of an open second string

From your monotonous everyday life
Hiding in the corner of your room
C'mon and start
A wonderful new world

A critical stance and antithesis
I’m sick of a world satisfied with explanations
Don't care where I stand in the order of things
Just wanna repaint the scenery before me

When you're filled with gloom, play the E chord
Attack away with gusto on a streamlined guitar
Step down on the foot switch
Change the world through an amplification route and some imagination

You've got nothing
From that corner of self-consciousness you retreat to
C'mon and spring out
To a wonderful new world


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