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"Myke Towers - Michael X (English Translation)"

We are oppressed, we are exploited, we are downtrodden
We are denied not only civil rights, but even human rights
So the only way we're going to get some of this oppression and exploitation away from us or aside from us
Is come together against a common enemy

[Verse 1]
Yeah, I'm a part of the problem if I don't release these songs
The people have already gotten tired of the abuse of the police
Human defending your rights, I'll get it out of you
Even if they discriminate against me, I will stand out anyways
Year 2020 and racism is still going on
When's this going to end? Only God decides
Martin Luther King died, his legacy lives
I was born on the same day as him, it could be that he turns my music
There isn't race to social level or preference that divides us
For my ideals, I'll give my life
They abused when we were slaves, we're not forgetting that
That food is never lacking, the need forces you
Proud to be black, the people know who I am
Rest in peace George Floyd, ah
Every night I get down on one knee because thank God I'm where I am
If they play dirty it's going to be like Indiana against Detriot
Rest in peace Black Mamba, we're in the ending times
I let myself go for the signs that the Lord sends
Puerto Rico governs itself alone, sorry, Wanda
I myself am in charge of making my own propaganda
The Jordans in the Last Dance, the base of fans gets bigger
The panther of Wakanda is speaking
When one focusses and progresses they say they change
I hope that everyone that abused their power is attacked by karma, haha
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