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"Now United - Nobody Fools Me Twice (English Translation)"

[Verse 1: Heyoon]
Send me a bouquet of roses
Invest your time in me
Forgive you? (forgive you?)
Forget it!
You told me that nothing happened
You said I am weird
I believed you (I believed you)
In the end

[Pre-Chorus: Heyoon]
I know you're sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry
Save your beautiful apologies for someone else
I know you love me, love me, love me, love me
But you are more important than me

[Chorus: Heyoon]
Oh, that lie again, I closе my eyes
Well, nobody, nobody fools mе twice
I say goodbye now
'Cause nobody, nobody fools me twice
'Cause nobody, nobody fools me twice

[Verse 2: Heyoon]
No need to wait
Don't pretend you don't know it's over
I won't go back (I won't go back)
I'm tired now
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