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"Hidra - A-A O! (English Translation)"

[Verse 1]
Took a firm stand to the b*t*hes
Tried a flexible rap technique day and night
A straight road
Fell down again
Impossible, like felled down 300 times
Offended b*st*rd
What laugh?Sad kid you'll tip over
My bust is over rap
(That's why the big burden is on me)
Ah, but now I'm locked to target (Ah)
Ended my happiness, did rap and got listened, what now?
You'll listen to it on "Albüm Net" now
It seems with rap I got memed now
Proof's obvious, I left marks
I'll write, wait for a personel track
Expectation's high when I do it
This's a normal ending, no sound from morgue
Go to war, pick a problem from many roads
Kerbela first, come
Coward, don't say a word, stay
Yеah, right, I lost it
Talking sh*t, Mongol never innovated
Brеak that Congo, shake that ass
And the other cook coke in plate
Go chase the rabbit now
From 5 pm
To 5 am
Stay hungry and dig stones
Winning makes you
Started another adventure
Another victory movement
It seems this is my destiny!
It's awsome!
Gives a coward panic attack
Stay Behind
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