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"AKLO - RGTO (English Translation)"

[Verse 1: AKLO]
Every day I wake up, it is clear how to do it
For this life to make it even a little better
Try out, to attain a full victory
Rap Game, the crown you receive
Yeah, I go up they go down
Dope beats? I got it
Hot verse? Like Thai curry
Smooth flow? Like a foreign celebrity
There is nothing in which I am lacking, is it?
Eh? Love? Experienced
High Fashion? More than perfect (and) cool!
Heroic saga? You know,i survived growing up in Mexico City
Viva Mexico!
Humor? I do not slip
Rhythm? I'm gonna etch it to your mind like the dеngeki chomoranmā
Earnestly, props, spreading out both within and outsidе the country
The firmness of the rhyme too, the so-called Top Rhyme

[Hook: H.TEFLON]
As usual, I represent me
Unique style, try, got nothing on me
There is no indecision between quality and instant replies
I surely stay, rap game try out
Rap game try out
I'm the one, yeah
Without a doubt, I'm the one yeah
In an immediate state again, job gets done
I surely stay, rap game try out
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