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This is for all those who dig up dirt on my city
Wash your mouth before talking about Palermo


We are the guys from Palermo
In the night we go down to party out
We go to the Marina with hood up
And the shocked cop looks at us happy

[Verse 1]

We spend more time on the streets than at home
Because they also kicked us out of the house
The little Madonna is up there kissing us
But without a job this head goes crazy

Above the mopeds all illegally
Accelerate to throttle if you see uniforms
If there are few of us turn off the spotlights
If we are more it is better if we split up

We collect for beer and smoke
The numbers one to go collecting debts
We don't have any cigarette, we go on with joints

Wherever you go we are all cousins
Put the croissant aside for breakfast
Bring us the frittola and the veal jaw

Bunch of guys who are placed at the Borgo with Gianni Celeste music and have fun
Come if you are looking for a neighborhood b*t*h
Don't kiss her, watch out for crabs
A little bit of belly and calluses in the feet
Hold your nose, her armpits stink

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