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"Lazza - Povero te"

Ay, ay

[Verse 1]
Rolling 'em up on the bus (Ay), you make me pee, Mel Brooks
Don't polish me, I've been rapping for ten years, bro, you can't kill me, Deadpool
I've got wings even without RedBull, with my first album, a nice tour
I've come to f**k the scene up, brother, on a white horse, Ben-Hur
Fame doesn't change me, neither do these greenies
My plans haven't changed, brother
When I'll be rich I'll still use my hands to eat
As if I didn't know that it is impolite
I speak with food in my mouth, even if you think that's gross
I've got a b*t*h beside me
My wrist tells you that she's not my type
I'll give you my middle finger, like in Piazza Affari (Ay)
Fortunately this sh*t kept me busy (Ay), otherwise I'd be on the street taking drugs (Ay)
What you stand up for?
The only Zzala (Ooh)
From Z to A, from A to Z
The only Zzala
I'm the best player on the field, not Zalayeta
What goes around comes around, the one who rolls it has to light it
You're talking about nothing, you're checking my math
Bro, you act like my mother
For the scene I'm like the remedial teacher (Ay)
Yes, you can gain some credits (Ay)
You can have a come back, of course, believe it
You want this chain (No, no)
But you don't deserve it (No, no)
You don't deserve it, ay
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