MadMan - Hollywood ft. Gemitaiz

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[Verse 1: Gemitaiz]
No, brother, I don't drive a Hummer
It looks like we've come from some Marvel's
The pupils like Mars
The cops are coming
I'm flying more than a stuntman
Don't call me if it's not important
Just call me if it's a plant thing
Eyes like Rivotril, seats like limousine
My friends's cough doesn't come from nicotine (No)
No, they don't do cross-fit, they don't use post-its
Why don't they get a job, like the Offspring
My friend's driving, brother, he looks like Ryan Gosling (Skrrt)
It seems like he decided to die at all costs

[Verse 2: MadMan]
M! My life is like an open-air cinema, I'll give you the ticket
I've got a hot girlfriend like Milla on The Fifth Element
If you snort another stripe like Mia, syringe in your chest
All of these -ones -ines remind me of Memento
On the track I'm the Bible (Amen)
On the strip I'm Can***ia
Babangida, flow caterpillar
LaCapraGira, I'm going at three thousand
Rendez-vous down with the boys, f**k you want?!
I was in red, brother, Mao Tse-tung
Now I can, my pockets *pff*
I wrote this
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