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"Iori Nomizu - SAVE MY HEART (English Translation)"

[Verse 1]
In my monochromatic days
You suddenly appeared
The wind that was blowing cold
Has changed
More than the words
You passionately tell me
It's getting into my heart
What is this?
You are different from the people I have
Met so far
You are not trying to steal my heart
You are trying to understand it

Feel me, are you the only one
Who's going to awaken me from my sleep?
You are like my prince from my favorite Book I read when I was child
Touch me, this is a hunch
But I think there's a door only you can
Please knock with that gentle hand, and
Unlock it
Please, save my heart

[Verse 2]
I just keep going
"Tomorrow" was simply continuing
But now its meaning is changing
If I can see you, it starts to shine
I wonder what you are doing now
I wonder what you like
I think about you when I have a moment
All of the new things
Starts from you
I am a bit afraid
But it makes me want to know
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