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"BTOB 4U - Tension (English Translation)"

Keep the tension, babe
Who’s keep the tension, yeah, mhm
Oh a fluttering feeling
Sometimes I'm a little nervous, I can’t put it into words, I’m nervous
But I'm more attracted just to get close to you
Your heart rate keeps rising, you're making me the best again
It's spreading more and more inside my body, will it continue to spread?

A flash of electricity in my fingertips
The brain waves are high, electric shock, oh baby
Flow through the consciousness of the blood vessels
I'm with the currеnt
An endless state of tеnsion
I can't stop, can't handle myself
Take it as it is, and attract it again
Get nervous, it’s running through my mind

Keep the tension, keep the tension, hold on to the string of tension
Keep the tension, keep the tension, so keep me tight
Keep the tension babe, don't tremble
Keep the tension babe, don't let go of this string
Keep the tension babe

Don’t let it drop, keep that tension keep that same energy
The moment our eyes met, the feeling came, oh this is it
I feel it running, through my whole entire body
Like Pikachu be zapping me
Oh everything in my eyes I want to lock it up
Hey let me do that
I want you, I never felt like this before, hey hey
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