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"ATEEZ - Celebrate (English Translation)"

[Intro: Hongjoong]
I can feel this love
That greatest love
You can feel this too
We will make this love together

[Verse 1: Seonghwa, Yunho, Wooyoung & Jongho]
Drum louder volume higher
Everyone blow up the balloon bigger
Somehow want this night to be special
Let’s make a party all day like birthday

Oh, your clothes don’t define you
You and I are one and only yeah

[Verse 2: Mingi]
Our youth better than ever
I don’t mind it just don’t matter
No matter what moment comes
I just color them with my own colors
With thousands of them
I’ve just colored my emotions
I’ll believe that I’m worth it (bless you)

[Chorus: Seonghwa, San, Yunho & Jongho]
Celebrate for you
Celebrate for you, yeah
How do you feel when you face the mirror?
Congratulations for being born as you are

Celebrate for you
Celebrate for you, you, you, you
For being born and living as you are
We celebrate for you, we celebrate for you

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