DREAMCATCHER - 새벽 (Daybreak) [English Translation] lyrics

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[Verse 1: SuA, Siyeon, Yohyeon]
As I sleep, suddenly (Suddenly)
I feel your (Um, your)
Voice putting me to sleep
And your hair tickling me
How could I be asleep? (Oh-oh)
How could I be asleep?

In your arms, warmly
Holding our hands

[Pre-Chorus: JiU, Gahyeon]
You are the largest star I have (Na, na)
So good night, glittering lights and me

[Chorus: Siyeon, Gahyeon, Yohyeon]
If the daybreak finds me
I'll be submerged in countless thoughts (Oh-oh-oh-oh)
And in the sleepless night (Ooh-ooh)
I'll be in your embrace endlessly

To you at daybreak
More passionately than during the day

[Verse 2: Dami, SuA, SuA & Yoohyeon, Yoohyeon]
Between curtains, faintly illuminating me
A white moonlight again, yeah
Filling the room, even the cold air
Feels beautiful because of the light that is you

I see a shifting image
We have a common dream

Even if it's imaginary

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