Lido Pimienta - Para Transcribir (LUNA) (English Translation)

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[Verse 1]
To transcribe, I could imagine, I could remember, what you did now
To transcribe, I could guess, I could describe, what I want now
To remember, I could greet you, and without explaining I didn’t love you now
And I could see it, I could imagine it, and I could see it, I could follow it

[Verse 2]
To transcribe, I had to think, even give up what I want now
To transcribe, I had to look at what I was yesterday, what that I am now
In order not to forget, I had to call you, I had to give an account of the golden year
To be happy I could reject you, I had to lie in order to not return

[Verse 3]
I could see you, I could reclaim you, then abandon you; what I wanted now
What I was perhaps, a little ignorant
Yesterday I was very smart not to go back to…

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