Booba - Temps mort 2.0 feat. Lino (English Translation)

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[Verse 1 : Lino]
I talk about botany, crime and fraud
n***a, fully black, Reaper, like the Dark Knight
Dirty verse, violent to the bone marrow
Our couplets it's the hour versus the minute hand
Picasso on crack, distorted image
Huge Kamasutra, rap's ass is cracked
I have the gun horny this hoe wanna get shot
I lost the soul on the way, by the void aspirated
Castrated music drowned in the mass of top singles
Like when Edward scissorhand j*rks off
I'm miraculously saved, I rap, I know where I'm from, where I go
The sun is snoozing, the moon become my bedside lamp
Yellow, purple, green: my militant side is skeptic
In my head it's the Lakers against the Celtics
Still no one after us, here I'm diverting from the norm
I'm doing the birth control with a .44 Magnum
Get it, we're all of the same race
Black rocket, Jesse Owens facing the third Reich
Of the great I have the makings, I have guts, on call for bids
I answer. I smash bottles on your skull I'm crying: "Mazel Tov"
I sing, you're burning, the masses protest
I failed all my exams, I pass the alcohol test
The world is already mine, you're on the wrong track
You want me to pass the mantle but there's only virgins with gonorrhea

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