Aespa — SYNK GISELLE ft. æ-Giselle (English Translation) lyrics

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[Intro: Giselle]
See me now
In that mirror always seen, yuh
Am I synked out?
Can't see where my reflection at
(Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)
Oh, feeling so dizzy when things get hazier
A faintly visible silhouette
(Huh? Huh? Huh?)
An odd feeling, where you at?

[Verse: Giselle, Giselle & æ-Giselle]
Open my eyes again, like I’m reborn
Seen in the mirror, little different
All black, a black-shaded villain (Huh?)
Walking slowly, Black Mamba
Welcome to my palace
Champagne in your chalice
The moment you drink it all, follow to me
To be seen clearly, too deep
Rolling around the world, ah
City to city I swerve, skrrt
I don't care when I'm in the dark (Dark)
A pearl that'd shine anywhere, yeah, yeah
Perfect vision, ambition, it's crystal clear
Beauty in struggle, because I believed those words
Glare with the strongest of colors, flat I'm on it
The plans I've set up
Bolder than yours
May be risky, warnin', ayy

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