A.C.E - Fav Boyz (Steve Aoki’s Gold Star Remix) (English Translation)

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Set if off, fade the noise
Enter the room smooth criminal
With grace so poise
Your favorite boys back to break up the trend
Putting the game in a choke
Look they sleeping again
Yes it's A.C.E, the most underrated
Five spades under the sleeve
No folding going all in
Clear out the whole scene
The flow cut so pretty like Steve
Better yet, Devon Aoki
Killing them softly like Lauryn and Marley
Crеated a monster gave him a mic and a guitar pick
Thе tip of this pen sharper than Logan gripping a chainsaw
With razorblades in his hands
Check one, lights on
All eyes on me when I pass by with a sharp gaze
Your Favorite boys back at it again
With Steve Aoki and Thutmose
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It's odd and an ugly beautiful
Leave you to feelings that you didn't know
I'll make it all come true
The chance to have what you've been hoping for is now or never Don't hesitate

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