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Smoke DZA

"Nature Boy"

[Intro: Smoke Dza]
T-Shyne, Dza

[Verse 1: Smoke Dza]
No Problem, better pay that man I don't Bargin
Zoolander fresh I'm so Harlem
n*ggas acting like hoes with postpartum
Haha I don't do free labor gotta paper up fool
You tryna get swag you gotta purchase this cool
Time is money you gotta pay them dues
My kids can't eat a I owe you
Bottom line you gotta come with that doe
Like T Howard I be hustling flow
n*ggas talking to them people and they cuffin they hoes
Cross my path and I'm cutting your throat
Puffin my smoke like George Burns
Its George Kush in the element let the L burn
I'm lifted, I'm a natural getting at you (right)
Tryna get this money and get low like Frank Matthews

[Hook: Ric Flair]
It's tough be a legend, its tough being a folk Hero
Its tough making a million dollars a year
Wearing custom made clothes riding around in long Limousines
Traveling in a private jet airplane
And the toughest part of all Tony Schiavone
Is walking every major street of every major city in the world
With 4 or 5 of the worlds finest on each arm
Look at this, this is the world champion WOOOOOOO

[Verse 2: T-Shyne]
I'm dreaming of the Garden without the Knicks there
Hit the stage fans screaming WOOOOO like they Ric Flair
Ex's calling my phone they miss the old me
They wanna kiss and hold me, cause they feeling so Lonely
I'm screaming f*ck you cause that was what they told me
Now they want a n*gga back cause I got the Rolly
I'm a legend and I'm gonna make it
n*ggas was steady hating now they love it complications
I never listen to n*ggas I know are missing visions
Acting like they helping I never needed assistance
My resistance, landed me where they wishing
Now I'm on a mission, to get my name out the system
While I blow owes you in the Heights looking for dime bags
In other words I smoke more as the time pass
Only smoke the best no reggie round me
I got a girl she specialize in making brownies

[Hook: Ric Flair]
Competition we thrive on it, we love it
We've gotta have the best in front of us each and every night
And thats why we work for the national wrestle alliance
That's why we work for Jim Crawford promotions
That's why we make all the money, WOOOO thats why we wear the rolex watches
That's why diamonds are forever, and so are the four horseman
We are what's happening today, we're not Larry Bird we dont get beat
That's right how bout ya Larry, Atlanta walked over you last night
Its gotta be a bad feeling to know, the Celtics.......

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