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Smoke DZA

"Notorious S.I.D."


Masters of the universe
Rulers of the world (world, world)
World touring me some bad yellow b*tches I prefer
One more time

[Verse 1]
Dancing to my own beats
Laughing at my own jokes
This n*gga must be crazy
Like what the f*ck you on yo
I got (?)
Sour and the OG combo
Convos about long dough
How about bomb pus*y pronto
I twitch, homie I flip
n*ggas always talk free, never buy sh*t
Use logic, I ride with
Zips up in the glove up in my sh*t
I'm psycho, I might go
Light a couple bombs under the Eiffel
Dance with the devil to the maestro
On moonrock, I moonwalk like Michael
Eyes low
sh*t i f*ck around and go viral
Kushed God'll (?) the world like the Bible
n*gga high as a kite though
You never know my cycle
Move weight like lipo
Its light though

As I sit here and gloat
I ask myself what're you doing right now
Its not a tribute
Its a farewell party
And I'm the one who caused it
I'm the one who has ended Hulkamania
Because I rule the world

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