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Smoke DZA

"Where’s It At?"

[Produced by Ron Browz]

Ron Browz. Smoke DZA. Harlem

[Verse 1]
I twist Backwoods and smoke dutchies, you can't touch me
Kush god, none above me, you just [?]
Worker, still dusty, unlucky
Your whole family of lil n*ggas, your pops [?] for me
This for my west indians twisting [?] leaf
Lots of ganja tree in my dungaries man
You can't get caught slippin', everybody fall victim
To this cold cold game of life
Not trippin' at all, it's my business to ball
They say you only live one life so me, I'm tryna get mine's off hear me
I'm off to [?], got a couple zips with me
Can't leave home without it, might ship to Diddy
Keep it litty, I don't pity the fool
Everyone shall take blame for what they do
Unstoppable, my price is uncoppable
Slide chicks unpoppable, you in hot pursuit

(Where the weed at?) Right
(Where the weed at?) Right
(Smoke DZA) In case you ain't know
(Smokze DZA, KushGod, KushGod)

[Verse 2]
How dare ye push work barely
Spare me with the drug talk, it's all fairy
I get bread yearly, G's to [?]
Made some mistakes, paid them all cash
Took the brass ring, that ain't a bad thing, I'm tapped in
n*gga tripled up since last spring (Facts)
Right, I give assignments, no consignment
n*ggas love to get lost boy, freaky tie in
Flying in the [?] vision me in [?]
Smoking something my son grow
This type of chronic we sell an 8 for a hundo
I'm flying high but staying low from Columbo
Just one more thing and I'll be done for, y'all don't hear me
Diamonds dancing in the watch like they came from [?]
Far from ordinary
They slap now they jumping on my sack [?]
f*ck all them other weird drugs, there's only Mary in my bloodstream
Every time you hit my line I'm hustling
Think it's ever over then you're bugging, bugging
Go pick a pack off the tree fam cause you nothing, right


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