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Smoke DZA

"GT Performer"

[Intro: Action Bronson]
It's me, it's me
Uh, yeah

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
I got the big bag of Skittles, like Marshawn Lynch
No matter what, we never far from a bench
Never far from a stoop, never far from a hallway
Never far from a main street, never far from a Broadway
Uh, we say f*ck what the Law say
Yeah, I pay the white piano on a beach
Tryin' to reach a higher place
I know there's more out there then just us, right?
So when I f*ck, I try to make a doctor with this left nut
Or the world's greatest opera singer
Contribute something to this Earth before I leave it
And come back as some other motherf*cker named Steven
From New Zealand
That don't smoke trees; you know that I'm a fiend
That's not gonna work; I hope it's just a dream, sh*t
There's shark on the menu
As I embark on this mission, to go cop haze
From 1-7-3 and Audubeezy
Five-hundred dimes, Body stashin' by the pee-pee
Six-hundred pounds combined
Stuffed like peppers in a Z-three
I used to ride the pegs on a GT Performer

[Hook: Smoke DZA]
Back of a GT Perfomer

[Verse 2: Green R. Fieldz]
I burn wood, can't use no pus*y heat to warm my chow with
Sleepin' on us, then we pinnin' back your f*ckin' eyelids
If you don't wanna taste my food, then I'm f*ckin' wild'n
I'm tryin' to get to the millions, what you speak on is childish
Big Lebowski with a pistol and a purpose
Open it up and stitch it back just like a surgeon
My plant size and structure'll leave you wordless
Chain-smokin' Skittles like I'm nervous
Your tree is worthless
Hottest strain in the game, I know you heard it
But still in the lab on some nerd sh*t
They used to label me a drug lord
Hundred packs in hot summers
I put up 'em in hands, now I got a brand
And we made it look easy
So when I say that I did it, these motherf*ckers don't believe me
I talk sh*t, but still 'bout that action, like Bronson
And never let 'em do me like they did Nucky Thompson

[Hook: Smoke DZA]
Back of a GT Perfomer
Uh, smokin' some strong marijuana

[Verse 3: Smoke DZA]
Uh, I'm sick with the grammar, the Harlem glamour
The boys try to slander, I'm hater-proof with the banter
Laundry bag fulls of P's like I'm Santa
Green thumb, green hand, like I'm Bruce Banner
Keep my homie close, he a loose cannon
I'm duecey slammin' them shots back
In the gamblin' spot, 'laxed
Ramblin 'Pac raps
The highest n*gga breathin', in some Y-3 boots
Your whole style see-through
Keep it a hundred is what you hardly do
sh*t, I'm godly, dude
On my '80s Heavy Metal, bumpin' Mötley Crüe
Mix the Skittle with the Cookie, no Taraji
Level I'm on, you'll never get here, even with Bosley
Too sweet in my [?], they think it's Illuminati
They ain't even seen Hall & Nash probably
The room cloudy
Bad b*tch, I'mma pipe her like Rowdy Rowdy
sh*t, this bud got me drowsy

[Hook: Smoke DZA]
Back of a GT Perfomer
Uh, smokin' some strong marijuana
Some strong marijuana

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