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Smoke DZA

"I Ain’t Scared"

[Nas Vocal Sample]

[Hook: Smoked DZA]
I ain't scared of you motherf*ckers
I'm like forgive my (?) the deposit
Other than that, I ain't hearing you motherf*ckers
So many made bitter, they made DZA
I'm like sh*t contraire you motherf*ckers
You don't understand

[Verse 1: Smoke DZA & Pete Rock]
I ain't scared of you motherf*ckers, take a drag of the bud
Plies gon' get a n*gga killed running off on the plug
Main joint, freaking off, might shoot up her club with a scary round
NuvaRing don't fail me now
Reaper knocking, what an eerie sound
Now its me, I'm in the hood, n*ggas barely 'round
Old homie online trolling, sh*t f*cked my day up
Suckers stay up, still won't f*ck this play up
Blame everyone, just not them
You want my spot, nah take ten
Motherf*ckers mad 'cause I blew, sh*t, envious
Fame whores, them same boys tried to swindle us
Don't end up all bent up on my camera
Chris hit ya, I ain't mad at ya, He ain't mad at ya
Nut-hugging, shuck-jiving, shuck-ducking
f*ck fronting, duck sour, puff something

[Verse 2: Pete Rock]
Yo it's Wonder
How I hit so long I know you wonder
Do this in my slumber (*snore*)
DZA got now, Powerball hit the number (Cha-ching!)
Got them feeling like it's '96 summer
Spending '96 bread, old bread, it's all profit for me
She high sadity, still take up the chocolate city (Come on, Red)
Yeah, this sh*t is the norm for me
Don't Smoke Rock, more tour money

[Instrumental Break]

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