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Smoke DZA


[Intro: Smoke DZA]
Yeah, you know
A lot of n*ggas make music for a certain demographic
I make music for my n*ggas, and n*ggas like me
No figure, no funk
Cinematic, look

[Verse 1: Smoke DZA]
What up, haters? You forever be anonymous
Forever popping sh*t, my ears ringing
Them bullsh*t tunes and things that they singing
‘Bout the hustle and the struggle that they ain’t been in
You seen it from the window sill, you was playing
Nintendo still, we was the n*ggas in those fields
With ya McLovin gaffe, you n*ggas can’t fool me
I sold bud, sold raps, working on movies
Young Warhol giving you game
Tryna get more than 15 minutes of fame
n*gga, I’m one of the nicest, you suffering
With identity crisis, n*gga, you don’t even know you
f*ck a n*gga owe you? I’m Goku, Mr. Miyagi
Sonny from Bronx Tale, or the n*gga that gave Leroy his blow
I mean, I taught you everything that you know
Lil ungrateful lil bast*rd, tryna outshine the master
Closed casket, cremation
Had to Marvin Gaye my kids that ain’t behaving
n*ggas is doo-doo, sh*t’ll get crucial
f*ck n*gga, who you? I did this to you, DZA

[Interlude: Dom Kennedy]
‘Sup, n*gga? Yeah

[Verse 2: Dom Kennedy]
Dark shades with the two Cs
Skate highs with the blue jeans
Got 1000 in my pocket, tryna take it up to two Gs
I buy tees with my loose cheese
The low tops with the two Gs, if not them then the 2-3s
sh*t I’m probably somewhere right now eating steak
But if I ain’t, it’s a two-piece
Could make a million in like two weeks (yeah), uh
I’m on my grind like brakes
I ain’t tryna grind til I’m eight-
Zero, I’m looking like that Negro
Cops pull me over for being a Black
But I’m the type of n*gga to TiVo the Nat Geo
I’m in New York, so "What up?" to the Fat G-O
If a n*gga say I ain’t got b*tches, it mean he don’t
If a n*gga say he ever gon’ kill me, it mean he won’t
If a girl say she love me forever, it mean she won’t
You can’t name places you go, and n*gga, we don’t
Yeah, I’ma tell it like this
LA in like one and NY in like six
They call me DOPEITSDOM ‘cause I’m frying like, uh
Why buy that when you can buy it like this?
Baby, I can put you at the top of my list
You never had love 'til you try it like this
How you gon’ run from a feeling like this?
Have you ever seen stars from a building like this?

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