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Smoke DZA

"Demon Eyes"

[Intro: Smoke DZA]
Kushed God
183rd Street
Uh, R6
For everyone
For real

[Verse 1: Smoke DZA]
Uh, forever, for everyone, for real
Forever the one, you know my spiel
Demon eye, demon king, I'm in the field
Lights flashin', givin' chills
Shine sun ray on any runway, bullet club, gunplay
Catch a bloody Sunday on any Sunday
I wain't got no time to fool with y'all
Work flyin', I'ma land on two feet like a coupe de grâce
Over your head is what I'm shootin' for
Whoever want smoke, I got a whole f*ckin' hookah bar
They don't get busy like your mans
Touch down and get love like Prince and Devin in Japan
I was a G-O-D before I was N-E-X-T
VVS I-C-E, I'm so R-F-C
OG to medicate myself
The real universal champ, I ain't ever lost the belt

[Verse 2: Westside Gunn]
Ayo, Steve Regal on the Spiegel cover
Sean undercover with the eagle under
3 bodies on the pole
I ain't never lost work, I'm like Oscar on the stove
Camo Louis duffle, we was yay buyin'
Since the Abigail, the brick like bray wire
Trash bag on the stick, leave your brains flyin'
Walk with the devil, walk with a lion
Who wants to walk with the lion?
Black Waverunners, you ain't got these
I'm Tito Santana when I chop keys
b*tches call me Big Show
Johnny Gonzales, I'm talkin' big dough
Just pulled the gig though
Kick the sh*t like Sean Michael, n*gga, get low
Another body on the pistol
My shooters Blood, some Crip though

The King of the Demons, Balor
Do you know who Balor is, Seth?
Do you know what he does?
When his evil eye opens, the world ends
First, the grass burns
Then the seas boil
Then the air catches fire
And all of humanity falls
These are not just stories, Seth
They're a source of truth
And a warrior enters a great battle

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