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Smoke DZA

"He Has Risen"

[Prod. by Beats by Ned]

[Verse 1]
You know I'm fresh off the block with it, watch how I pop with it
Them other n*ggas is fronting trust me they not with it
They been blew they cover, so front no further
Peace to the 'Lo Gods, one L ain't good without the other
Another Harlem day, you know the same sh*t
Broad salmon from Devin's right there on St. Nick
Well done, take it back to the scoop
Wash it down with a pad porter from Benson's Got Juice
Nothing to lose, everyday in the game
But this way from the start and I hope it never change
And I do my thang, you should do the same
Instead you n*ggas trying to carpool my lane
Uh, well God damn, the f*cking menace I am
The global dominance homeboy I got plans
Hold up, n*ggas hate but so what? for the size I roll up
Touring the Atlas while the world hail nuts
Give me my di*k back, Steve-o got me loopy owe him some kickback
It's about to crazy my n*ggas, my word
I got you Johny, this joint is for us
This for the times these n*ggas tried to front on us
Same n*gga throwing shots when I was down
Eating humble pie now it's the other way around
Pinky and thumb to my Jet Life n*ggas, Kushed God in this motherf*cker
He has risen

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