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Smoke DZA

"Out Here"

18rd on the tune up
Who else wanna check it

V1: Smoke DZA
Riiight...Kush god none other
I been a cold muh f*cka/word to mother
I’m ill, n*gga. Dat nice one
90’s slang/Tell n*ggas my sh*t is butta
Uh...I talk that bud sh*t better
Don’t get it f*cked up/n*gga still gutta
My set is ill/ test my skills
n*gga don’t write a check that yo ass can’t cover
Uh/80 deep in this b*tch tho
My little homeys get it poppin wit the big bro
n*gga front/n*gga quick to let this sh*t go
Comin thru unannounced/see brother man from the fifth flo
Uh…we mobbin. We ain’t wit no long line sh*t/we all in
I ain’t got time for promoter games
Check the guest list: it just say “Harlem”
We lo’d out/we smoked out. We all came wit paper
These n*ggas pay the admission.We go to parties and they pay us
Right…sh*t too wild. They can buy bottles but they can’t buy style
Got more flow than the whole new crowd
f*ck who got next, n*gga we got now

[Hook: ASAP Twelvy] x2
80 deep in this b*tch tho
And my Billy love got the beast in his trench coat
And I got the D in ya b*tch throat
Harlem world boy/it’s a real n*gga expo
All my real n*ggas like “Lets go”
Slide thru ya city like a Metro, LETS GO

[V2: Vado]
Rugby segal/my money is nothing legal
You front and I come and see you/zip hoodie covered the eagle
Duckin them people/for pushin what come in needles
I’m pullin up in the regal/get popped like one of The Beatles
2k a table, I need 5/ It’s me, LA, MK and GY
Dee1 might come thru wit 3 slimes. So you already know that he comin wit 3 nines
I’m always good. I be fine
Can get you pushed back like ya seat don reclined
I’m tryina relax. I need wine
Smoke a little weed wit this broad, Then DB9
Them G’s out. We Button up them shirt and fatigue’d out
Chuck T’s high sox to the knee’s bout/It’s rugby non-stop till I’m cleaned out
We climbin/we grindin/there’s no weight? Then, work them dimes then
You shinin/I’m like Hyman Roth all set in perfect diamonds
My watch is worth your signin/I call that perfect timing
I’m in the trap/two straps in the lin in/get do/lay lo can’t find him

[Hook: ASAP Twelvy] x2

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