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Smoke DZA

"All It Takes"

[Intro: Smoke DZA]

Kush God b*tch!
I'mma need a ten piece from Harold's mild sauce
Make sure the fries is crispy and all that
Locate the uber take 'em to CBS
Make sure you get me all the dutches in that motherf*cker
Smokin' this whole pack whatever I don't smoke I'm taking home
I play like that

[Verse 1: Smoke DZA]
f*ck the hold up what's the hold up keep it capital G
Blow a donut n*gga roll up when you listen to me
It's the god n*gga, kushed god see me strutting through the fog n*gga
All hail, sh*t my cartel full of kings
Made men pulling strings
Sons of anarchy kind of things
Stoner spirituals, hustler hymns
Sermons'll have you burning stuff some wax in your pen
I'm el plaga I say it once and I don't say it again
f*ck what you saying you ain't playing unless you playing to win
Unanounced walk in your house, light up in your living room
Ash on your couch, take your lighter and bounce
n*gga rolled in, rolled out, blowing lethal
My cologne is tuscan leather and sour diesel
Classic, classic apple like the cobble streets
I'm the best n*gga here in all honesty
In all honesty f*ck the politics save the politics for politicians [?]
Ain't no denying it's great, been a loser all your life take this L to the face

[Verse 2: Smoke DZA]
I put me on
Go ahead play yourself like Leon
Get the tables Devaughn
It's the Kushed God reborn
Resurrected on a 8th blue bud the whole day created clouds
There will never be a drought
Not in my world so much stake might have gout
And I'm a [?] like f*ck the [?] I don't know if that's chicken
Betting against DZA I don't know what they thinking
f*ck what it seems get out of my jeans,off my di*k
Visit Supreme they buckets is mean cop all 'em
Blow herb on stage, then get payed
Young OG, son n*ggas twice my age
Front on me, don't do it
Rip you apart make you look so stupid
Cigars in the freezer
Strawberitas for the thots trying to glow
f*cking peons throwing rocks at the throne

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